Road Runners Track Club, Inc. is a member of USA Track and Field (USATF) Southern Association and is
recognized 501c3 non-profit organization operating in the City of New Orleans and Jefferson Parish, founded by Jeffrey Washington.

Since 1997, Road Runners Track Club has sponsored a Summer Youth Track & Field Team. During that time, Road Runners Track Club had over 100 athletes participate in the program and have continued to receive positive feedback from parents and athletes.

Athletes work towards developing their skills in both the running and field events. Coaches help the athletes focus their time and energy by evaluating each athlete and suggesting specific events for them to consider.

RRTC is very proud of all their athletes and take great pride in those who have continued to enrich their lives either through further education or self employment. The Road Runners continue to impress us with their extraordinary speed and willingness to learn and give back to the team.

The track program serves as a gateway to introduce youth to college campuses, to assist them in garnering college scholarships, and to guide them into future productive endeavors. Not only does RRTC have a success rate of over 90% of our kids in college, but there are several that are currently representing us in Professional Sports.

Marvin Early
(Head Coach)
Kathey Early
Darius Lewis
Karlton Barbarian (Coach/Masters Athlete)
John Gordon
(Public Relations/Media)
Chavis Goode

Population Served

Participants in the summer program will come primarily from Orleans/Jefferson Parish. However, the programs are open to young persons throughout the New Orleans metro area. 

The summer program will reach about 50 young people per summer; most of the participants are African American. About 65% of them are male, and about 35% are female.

Family and Community

The family and community component of Road Runners Track Club plays a major role in the overall success and triumph of the youth in the Orleans/Jefferson area.  A stable and unyielding family and community, which our club provides, are paramount in raising a child in today’s society. 

RRTC fosters and builds viable relationships with families in the community in order to assist them in nurturing and cultivating a well-rounded complete youth.  Road Runners Track Club often provides community picnics, socials, and other forums of esprit de corps. 

Impact on Children

Road Runners Track Club contributes to the quality of life of the youth of
Orleans & Jefferson Parish, by keeping them heavily active in the community,
and giving them a feeling of self worth and instilling confidence in them.

We provide our youth ages 8 - 18 with athletic activities, youth mentoring
and educational support.

Since 1997 until now, almost 100% of RRTC alumni have gone off to college and
received athletic/academic scholarships.

Our ultimate goal when we first started was to equip today's youth with the
necessary tools to compete, contend and vie for collegiate and professional
excellence, and I can firmly say, that goal was accomplished.